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My Story

Following a tough change in my family's income situation I started taking paid surveys three years ago. Since then I have been making a handsome living just for giving my honest opinion on consumer matters working less than 25 hours per week from home.

I don't drive a Cadillac, I don't wear a Rolex watch on my wrist and I don't fly in business class BUT I never worry about money anymore and I take a vacation with my family twice a year. I haven't gotten rich but I can proudly say I live large and a stress free life while doing something I enjoy.

It didn’t happen overnight. Yes, I was scammed by some surveys and even gave up a couple times. Through trial and error, I was able to discover which surveys were legitimate (and would pay you for your time with no hoops to jump through) and which ones would waste your valuable time. Since I truly believe that being paid for my opinion through surveys changed by life, giving me the chance to spend more time with my family while earning a decent paycheck every month, I want to share this opportunity with you. That’s why I created an exclusive club designed for everyone who wants to earn money by taking surveys. Whether you want just enough money to have a night on the town each month or enough money to quit your day job, everyone is welcome to join! Our members will never have to worry about taking surveys that won’t pay, waste your time, or even worse – steal your personal information!

The first question I get is how much does it pay. So let's answer that straight away; Each cash survey normally pays between $2 and $30. More importantly however is that we have done all the work for you, listing all the top paying survey panels with detailed instructions on how to become successful with access to our updated paid survey database. This is THE KEY to making really good money without wasting 100s of hours of unpaid time in researching new surveys.

Why do we charge for Because it took significant time, efforts and money to build's premium database, with a proven system that allowed me to focus only on taking the best paid surveys. I started helping friends out taking surveys and soon we realised that since there is no other database as big, it made sense offering our collective efforts and knowledge to others, like you, wishing to get started making money immediately. now offers the #1 largest cash surveys resource online and you are warmly invited to join us and enjoy the advantage and reap the benefits from simply copying what I and many others just like you are already doing. 


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Hey, this is Sarah and I offered to do a video review on because of their great coaching support. I had no idea what paid surveys were or how to get started. I'm really happy I chose them because the guide they provided for starting was so straight forward and easy to follow, all the best paying surveys were right in front of me. Within 15 minutes of landing on their website I had access and finished my first survey. Now I just open my email choose the top survey and get paid!
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Hi there my name is Jonathan Chase, when the guy's at asked me to do a review on their membership area, I said of course. With I have doubled my income over other surveys sites...Cashsurveys is the best. Not only do they have the best step-by-step guide, they include extras like a mystery shopping job board and internet marketing ebooks. Cashsurveys also offers 1 on1 coaching to help you reach your goals faster, along with great email support... I can live comfortably and choose when to work and when to relax. has done all the work for you finding the best list of survey panels available, they update their surveys constantly so you always have the best at your fingertips. I wouldn't recommend any other system. This was money well spent!
Johnathan Vancouver, BC Canada

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Hi, My name is Joe and I've been using for about a year now and its been great. Even though I'm still a student the income I receive from doing the surveys has really been helping me out financially. The Surveys are so easy to navigate and I end up doing them in my spare time. Since I love to give my opinion about just anything, anyway even when I don't get paid.... Whereas now I am actually get paid for giving my opinions and you can too.
It's been awesome, you've got to give it a try!

Joe Anderson

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Christa Orange County, California

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Hi everybody, I just got off my first payment form doing online surveys with and I wanted to put up a review on youtube to let everyone know its an amazing place to start out with for paid surveys. theres thousand of companies paying people everyday for their opinion so even if you live in the UK, Netherlands, Australia and Canada. Cashsurveys even showed me which surveys were the best paying, and which paid cash or with amazon gift cards. I even get paid to open my email inbox. I'm going to have a lot more time for myself and to spend with my family and so I have to say thank you to for helping me get out of trouble and I really hope that everyones gotten a better idea of what Cashsurveys is all about after watching my review, bye!
Lark Mackenzie Aspen, Colorado

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Let's Look at some Facts about Surveys

Market research/paid surveys is an established multibillion Dollar industry.

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Hundreds of thousands make their full or part time living from Paid Surveys.
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Majority of surveys are available for residents of US, UK, AU, NZ & CAN.

How Much are Paid Surveys Paying me?


Online surveys normally pay me from $1 to $30 each, or more

Participation in focus groups compensates me with up to $150 an hour

Phone surveys have been very rewarding as they have paid me up to $50 an hour

I have been paid to try new products and keep the free products too
I have been offered to shop as a mystery shopper making $15 to $25 an hour

I have been offered to preview new movie trailers for $15 to $25 an hour

 I have also been offered to free restaurant dinners plus more & get paid for doing it



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